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Sav-on Drugs in Azusa, California.

Coates Scwhinn Bicycles in Upland, California. This photo taken November, 2004. I bought a ten-speed bike here in May, 1964.

McDonalds in Azusa, California.

Apartment building at 525 East Olive Street, Monrovia, California. Lillian and I lived here before and just after Erik's birth in 1966-1967.

Lillian, a Brahma Bull, Tami, and Erik.....November, 2004, Redlands, California.


A Texas Longhorn steer at the Fountain Bird Farm, Redlands, California.


Sydney, our Umbrella Cockatoo, brushing her beak.

Sydney, my "Pillow Chicken", as she has been dubbed by my daughter Shaela.

Nathan and John at the pumpkin patch, 2004.