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    This page will be used to post various Basye family photos, which I will change periodically.
This is primarily for the benefit of distant family members. I will soon be adding a page with my direct
genealogy back to Edmond Basye, who came to Virginia in about 1666 with his two brothers,
John and Elizamond. They were French Huguenots who were chased from France during the
reformation, and settled in this country after ricocheting off England, as near as I can surmise.
I will expound further on this later, as this site is developed. If any of you have a copy of Otto Basye's book
"The Basye Family in the United States", I am the grandson of Jonas Benard Basye, reference # G268 in that book.
(If you do not have that book, I am still his grandson). I have photos dating back as far as Nathan John Basye, reference # F97 in the book (1838-1919), who fought in the Civil War in Company K of the 7th Regiment of the Virginia Cavalry. I have a grandson, Nathan Hadley, who was named after him.
Below are Nathan Basye and part of his family at his homestead he carved out of the forest
on Branch Mountain, Hardy County, West Virginia after the Civil War. Having been on the losing side caused many Southerners to lose much of what they had prior to the war.

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Nathan and his family at home, about 1900-1910: (left to right: Jonas Benard Basye (#G268),

"unknown", Nathan John Basye (#F97), his son Lorenzo Boyd Basye (#G270), Ann Eliza Grady Basye,

his wife, Molly Brown (a niece), his daughter Mary Basye Lane (#G271), and his daughter Matilda S.

Basye (#G269). Missing from the photo are other children; Lillie Hess Basye (#G267), Viola Basye

(#G266), Edna Basye (#G265), John H. Basye (#G264), and Fannie E. Basye (#G263). These were

older offspring, and presumably no longer living at home when this picture was taken.

Nathan's Home Place

Nathan and his daughter Matilda, and an unknown girl in front of the old home place on Branch Mountain,

Hardy County, West Virginia.

Nathan and Eliza Basye

This is a photo of Nathan and Eliza taken about 1910-1914.

Nellie and Floran Basye

These are my parents, Nellie and Floran Basye ( both deceased) during a memorable fishing trip to Skaguay Reservoir, a few miles from Cripple Creek, Colorado, and just to the west of Pikes Peak.

We caught our limit of rainbow trout in a few hours. This lake, about a mile long, is nestled among pine and aspen forests and natural meadows, where we could often watch Mule Deer and Elk feeding while fishing from my boat. This photo was taken in 1982.

Terry and Floran Basye - Father and Son

This is my father, Floran, and me during the same trip. 

Floran Basye

This is a photo taken in the 1960's, on the same Branch Mountain in Hardy County, West Virginia where Nathan made his homestead. The picture is of my father, Floran Basye.

This is my father, Floran Basye, with a mule deer he shot at the top of Phantom Canyon, also near Cripple Creek, Colorado. The legs of my nephew, Colin Basye, are visible in the background.

Below is the printing my father placed on the back of the previous photo of him with a mule deer.

Shevawn Basye

This is one of Ken's daughters. She is my godchild.

This was my first home in Colorado, on Lange Circle, Colorado Springs. I bought this home in 1979.

We had a bit of snow from time to time. There's a truck, camper, and Volkswagen Fastback somewhere in that snow.

This is the old Horner farm we knew so well as kids, near the home where I was born in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. These are two of the few remaining Horners we knew, brother and sister Charles and Alice. To the right are me and my mother, Nellie Basye.

Photo taken in early 1990's.

Shaela Basye-Hadley

This is my daughter when she was 3-years-old.

Here is Shaela now target shooting with her SLR-95.

Floran Basye with grandson Erik Basye, 1968.

Below the picture is what Dad printed on the back of the picture of him holding Erik as a baby. I never saw it until today when I took it out of the frame to scan it.

Theodore Franklin (Frank) Basye's House

This photo was taken in 1953 at the home of Theodore Franklin (Frank) Basye. From left to right are:Jonas Benard Basye, Floran Ward Basye, his wife Nellie Marie Avery Basye, Esther Basye, Terry Basye (seated), Frank Basye Jr., Lottie Basye, John Basye, and Uncle Frank. All the children are Frank's and Lottie's except Terry, son of Floran and Nellie. Jonas is the father of Floran and Frank.