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Nathan John Basye (1838-1919)

Nathan was my great-grandfather. He was the commanding officer of Company K,

7th Virginia Cavalry in the Confederate army. He and his wife are buried on what

was his farm on Branch Mountain, Hardy County, West Virginia.


Ann Elizabeth Grady Basye

Ann, or Eliza, as she was known, was the wife of Nathan Basye and my 

great-grandmother. Nathan met her during the Civil War when he went

on leave with Harrison Grady, Eliza's brother. They were married after the end

of the war and spent their lives on a farm on Branch Mountain.

(photos of Nathan and Eliza courtesy of Terry Sherman of Hardy County, West

Virginia. Terry is also a great-grandson of Nathan and Eliza)


Terry and Frank Basye at the Nathan and Eliza Cemetery on Branch Mountain, WV


Jonas Benard Basye (1875-1963)

Jonas is my grandfather, son of Nathan and Eliza.

His wife Dora is shown in the third photo below. She died in

childbirth in 1916 when my father, Floran Basye, was

ten years old. Jonas never remarried.


Ruebin Nazelrod and Eliza Ellen Sager, wedding day.

Eliza was the mother of Dora Belle (Alice) Sager, my father's mother.




Eliza Ellen Sager (shown above) at age eight.


Matilda (Aunt Tillie) Basye and Dora Belle Sager Basye. Dora was the daughter of Ellen Eliza Sager, shown above. Dora was the wife of Jonas Benard Basye, and half-sister to Stella Nazelrod, daughter of the couple in a photo above.


Nellie and Floran Basye

These are my parents. This photo was taken on their 50th wedding

anniversary in 1977. Dad passed away in 1984 and Mom in 1996.


Terry and Lillian Basye

This is me and my wife Lillian. I met her in Los Angeles in 1964.

We were married in 1965, and have lived in all four corners and the 

middle of the country over the past 48 years.



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I created this Web site primarily for use by my immediate and near-immediate family, who are scattered to the corners of the planet. This will enable us all to share information and some photos, which I will recycle from time to time. I also am including my direct lineage back to Edmond Basye, one of three brothers who came to the Virginia Colony in 1666 from Europe. They were French Huguenots who fled from the persecution of the Reformation, it is assumed.

For those Basye family members and others who may have a copy of Otto Basye's book "The Basye Family in the United States", I have made references to certain identifying numbers from the book both in my Photo Album page, and Genealogy page.

Anyone wishing to discuss the family or anything else can e-mail me at "terry@howling.com"


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